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Microsoft Operations Manager

The MOM Server failed to install agent on remote computer xxxx-cb00.xxxx.local.

Error Code: -2147024891

Error Description: Access is denied.

Microsoft Installer Error Description: No Description Available

Solution by eNTen Juergen

2005-02-25 03:53:54 UTC

Enabling or Disabling Distributed COM

If the computer using Component Services is part of a network, Component Services needs the DCOM wire protocol to communicate with COM components on other computers. In a Windows-based system, by default, network computers are initially configured to enable DCOM. You can disable DCOM, but doing so disables communication with components on other computers.

Warning If you disable DCOM on a remote computer, you cannot remotely access that computer afterwards to enable DCOM again. To enable DCOM again, you need physical access to that computer.

To enable or disable DCOM

In the Computers folder of the console tree of the Component Services administrative tool, right-click the computer for which you want to disable or enable DCOM and then click Properties.

Click the Default Properties tab.

To enable DCOM, select the Enable Distributed COM on this computer check box; to disable DCOM, clear this check box.

Click OK.


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