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EventSentry determined that the recommended management suite ("OpenManage") from the hardware manufacturer (Dell) is either not installed or not currently running on this server. Without this software, EventSentry will not be able to alert you of critical hardware warnings and/or errors, such as a hard drive failure in a RAID. Please visit the manufacturer's web site to obtain more information and install the recommended management suite.

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Manufacturer: Dell
Model: PowerEdge 1900
Bios Version: 2.2.6

Solution by Event Log Doctor

2010-02-01 15:15:10 UTC

EventSentry relies on the management software and drivers of hardware manufacturers to log critical system events, such as a failed fan or a failed HD in a SCSI array, to the event log.

EventSentry can then intercept and dispatch these events according the filter rules.

This event is logged when the hardware it is running on is recognized (currently Dell and HP) and the system is running a Windows Server operating system.

EventSentry currently looks for these services:

Hewlett Packard (HP Systems Insight Manager)
CqMgServ: HP Insight Server Agents
CqMgHost: HP Insight Foundation Agents
CqMgStor: HP Insight Storage Agents

DELL (OpenManage)
omsad: DSM SA Shared Services
dcevt32: DSM SA Event Manager
dcstor32: DSM SA Data Manager

If any of these services is not installed then this event will be logged.

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