Event submitted by Steven
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Server Administrator
Instrumentation Service

Log size is near or at capacity
Log type: ESM

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Solution by Steven

2009-10-26 11:48:56 UTC

This event indicates that the Embedded Server Management log (ESM) is almost full. You can safely clear the ESM log by logging onto the Open Manage Server Administrator (OMSA). To do so you will:

1. Launch OMSA. (If you are using OMSA to remotely manage the system, in a web browser address bar, type https://:1311, where is the IP address of the managed system, and then press the key).

2. Log in to OMSA by entering the Username and Password in the corresponding fields, and then press the key.

3. Click the Logs tab.

4. Click Hardware.

5. Click Clear Log located in the upper-right corner of the page body.

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