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The DNS server has encountered numerous run-time events. To determine the initial cause of these run-time events, examine the DNS server event log entries that precede this event. To prevent the DNS server from filling the event log too quickly, subsequent events with Event IDs higher than 3000 will be suppressed until events are no longer being generated at a high rate.

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2008-04-16 16:42:53 UTC

This warning indicates that the DNS service has temporarily suspended logging more events to the "DNS Server" event log because too many messages were logged in a short time period.

Whether this is a problem depends on the events that were logged prior to the 3000 event being logged. For example, if all the previous events were information events, then you can ignore this event. Otherwise you should investigate the previous messages.

You can also reduce the number of events that are being logged by the DNS service. Navigate to "Administrative Tools -> DNS", right-click the service icon and select Properties. There, click the "Event Logging" tab and change the type of messages that are logged.

On our server I get this message on a regular basis because the event logging level is set to "All events", and even informational zone transfer events trigger this warning.

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