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Information Store (284) First Storage Group: Attempted to attach database 'D:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\MDBDATA\priv1.EDB' but it is a database restored from a backup set on which hard recovery was not started or did not complete successfully.

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2008-04-05 09:50:53 UTC

If you do not trigger hard restore from within your backup applications (e.g. in Windows NT Backup you select "Last Backup Set", then this error is logged because Exchange cannot mount the database until a hard restore is performed, which replays the transaction logs into the database. See the article for more details.

Navigate to the folder where the restore.env file is located (this file is generated by the backup application after the restore) and run eseutil.exe /cc.

No other arguments should be required as the utility takes all information from the restore.env file.

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