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Product: QuickBooks -- Error 1328.Error applying patch to file C:\Config.Msi\PT43.tmp. It has probably been updated by other means, and can no longer be modified by this patch. For more information contact your patch vendor. System Error: -1072807676

Solution by Event Log Doctor

2007-12-21 13:38:11 UTC

This is error is logged when a destination file that is part of a previous MSI-based installation could not be upgraded with a patch.

The file referenced (C:\Config.Msi\PT43.tmp) is the actual file (renamed of course) that the Windows Installer could not update. This usually happens when the size/checksum of the destination file is not what the installer expects, for example if it has been changed since the last installation/patch was applied to the product. I suspect that this error can also be logged when the patch was created incorrectly.

It is safe to ignore this message unless the overall patch installation was unsuccessful or the product does not work correctly after the patch installation.

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