Event submitted by Brijesh Desai
Event ID:

User Account password set:
Target Account Name: QA
Target Domain: WESTELL
Target Account ID: WESTELL\QA
Caller User Name: JHINT
Caller Domain: WESTELL
Caller Logon ID: (0x0,0x8F1A7AB5)

System32 Reference

Solution by Brijesh Desai

2007-10-12 17:04:32 UTC

Password didn't change for QA.Jeff tried but didn't meet requirements so leave it same.

Solution by Event Log Doctor

2008-04-10 18:17:56 UTC

As mentioned by Brijesh Desai, when logged as an "Audit Failure" it indicates that a password was attempted to be reset, but couldn't because it didn't meet the complexity requirements.

If this event is logged as an Audit Success event then it indicates a successful password reset.

Solution by Obie one

2014-07-20 06:59:18 UTC

dont complain

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