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Printer Driver HP Color LaserJet 2605dn_2605dtn PCL 6 for Windows NT x86 Version-3 was added or updated. Files:- UNIDRV.DLL, UNIDRVUI.DLL, HPC260d6.GPD, UNIDRV.HLP, hpzsc053.dtd, hpzst053.dll, hpc260d6.xml, hpc260dc.ini, hpzpp053.dll, hpzui053.dll, hpz6r053.dll, hpcdmc32.dll, hpbcfgre.dll, hpz6m053.gpd, hpzsm053.gpd, HPC260x6.GPD, hpzev053.dll, pclxl.dll, pjl.gpd, p6disp.gpd, pclxl.gpd, HPZHL053.CAB, STDNAMES.GPD, hpzls053.dll, hpzss053.dll, UNIRES.DLL.

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2007-08-27 13:38:02 UTC

This event just indicates that the latest print drivers have been copied the computer where this message is logged. This is usually a workstation with a connection the printer mentioned in the event.

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