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The state of service Spooler is Stopped, requested state is Running. EventSentry was not able to change the service status due to the following error: An instance of the service is already running.

Solution by Sang Kim

2006-02-27 18:22:15 UTC

This event is logged by EventSentry because a service was not in the desired state, and EventSetnry could not bring the service into the requested state. In the above example it is likely that the spooler service was started by another mechanism (e.g. by the OS) before EventSentry could start it.

Service Monitoring includes a Service Status Control feature that allows a desired service status to be set. If a specified service is found not to be in a supported state then EventSentry will attempt to start or stop the service, depending on the configuration.

You can configure this feature at "Packages -> System Health Packages -> Package Name -> Services -> Service Status Control".

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