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The session setup from the computer WLBS1 failed to authenticate. The name(s) of the account(s) referenced in the security database is WLBS1$. The following error occurred:
Access is denied.

Solution by Sang Kim

2006-02-24 10:34:21 UTC

The computer's machine account has the incorrect role or its password has become mismatched with that of the domain database.

To resolve this problem, try removing the computer from the domain and then rejoining to the domain again.

Solution by Event Log Doctor

2016-11-16 00:22:10 UTC

This audit failure event is logged on a domain controller when the password of a computer account doesn't match the password stored in Active Directory. This can happen when a computer is restored from backup, or when a virtual machine is restored from a snapshot. If this happens, then you will be unable to log on to the machine with a domain account.

The easiest way to reset the password of the computer account is to use the netdom.exe command.

1. Log on to the server in question with a local user
2. Open a command prompt and execute the following command
3. netdom /s:mydc1.yourcompany.com /ud:mydomain\myuser /pd:*
4. Type the password of the mydomain\myuser

"mydc1.yourcompany.com" is the host name of one of your domain controllers, it can be any one of them. mydomain\myuser is the username of an administrative domain account which has permission to reset the password of a computer account.

The utility will indicate whether the reset was successful. If it was, then you can restart the host and log in with a domain account again.

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