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EventSentry was unable to connect to the ODBC target "Test ODBC" due to error "OdbcExpandError: [28000] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'eventsentry_svc'. (18456)". EventSentry will queue events and continue to attempt the delivery of events.

Solution by Sang Kim

2006-02-22 14:39:11 UTC

This event is logged because the EventSentry agent could not connect to the database specified in the "Test ODBC" target. The error message will include the error reported by the actual ODBC driver.

In the above message, the reason for the error is that the user account 'eventsentry_svc' failed to log in to the database. Verify the password stored in EventSentry possibly reset the password on the database server.

EventSentry supports various notifications such as SMTP (Email), ODBC (Database), SNPP (Pager) and more. New targets can be added by right-clicking on the notifications container and selecting "Add Target".

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