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The process explorer.exe (PID 828) seems to be leaking "Working Set" memory. If you keep seeing this message in the event log then it is recommended that you monitor the memory consumption of this process closely with performance monitor if you have not already done so.
The process is currently using 5738496 bytes of "Working Set" memory, system memory load is 87%.
If you are certain that this process is not leaking memory then you can exclude this process from being monitored or change the monitoring parameters (contact support@netikus.net for more information) in the registry. If this process is leaking memory then contact the manufacturer of the application for support.

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Solution by Sang Kim

2006-02-13 11:29:55 UTC

This event is logged by EventSentry when Process Monitoring detects a possible memory leak of a process. Process Monitoring monitors memory usage of processes and logs this event when a significant increase of memory usage is detected.

You can configure this feature at "Packages -> System Health Packages -> Package Name -> Process Monitoring -> Process Memory Monitoring".

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