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Application Management

The assignment of application Command AntiVirus for Windows Enterprise from policy Command AV failed. The error was: The group policy framework should call the extension in the synchronous foreground policy refresh.

Solution by Sang Kim

2005-11-22 13:29:51 UTC

What you are seeing there is the result of the logon optimization feature for Windows XP. If logon optimization is enabled, it takes about two logoffs and logons for user targeted applications to appear and about two reboots for machine targeted applications to appear.

The logon optimization allows synchronous and asynchronous processing of group policy. The software management extension which is responsible for the software installation deployment must always use synchronous processing of group policy.

The application event log warnings are simply providing an indication that this is what is happening and that the policy won't be successfully applied until a synchronous refresh occurs..

- Carolyn Napier
Microsoft Windows Installer Team

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